Family Therapy

In a safe  environment all participating members of your family get the opportunity to talk about existing difficulties and conflicts with one another, to gain more awareness about their own feelings, wants, and needs and they get the chance of taking different perspectives on the relationship going on in the family and of making the cooperation more useful.

Family counseling may be helpful

  • if the relations within the family are disturbed by certain circumstances, if they are difficult or disorganized.
  • if a child has problems and the work with the whole system may change family togetherness and have a positive impact on the child.

The goal is to recognize the existing patterns of the relationships, actions, and values, to question and to try out new, different and helpful interactions and perspectives.




I usually work with you as a family alone, but if you want it, also sessions with a female colleague are possible.

The meetings usually last 100 minutes (2 units) and take place in a rhythm that is based on your personal problem and the people involved. Not always all family members must be present: according to the goal the work can also be useful in different settings.


If it is better for your family situation, family therapy could take place in your own home.