Couples Therapy

Couples are  searching for counseling because of different reasons:

  • If they enjoy their good relationship, or want to improve it even more
  • If they are hoping to enhance love and understanding
  • If they are too close in their relationship
  • If the distance between partners is too large
  • If a partner is (or both are) missing something
  • If they are tired of arguing or fighting with each other
  • If they have the feeling that the fire of their love has vanished or is not discovered yet
  • If the desire is missing
  • If a third party interfere
  • If they are torn between old and new family
  • If illness, death, unemployment or other changes demand a transition into a new phase of life
  • If grief for a child is setting each other apart
  • If they are unsure if to continue the relationship or to separate
  • If they think that their children suffer from their conflicts
  • If they want to say good bye in a good way, so both are free for a new relationship
  • If they as parents wish to care for their children in a good way, even if they are not a couple anymore.

Perhaps some examples are fitting to your situation, or maybe you want to use couple therapy for another reason. I would be happy to offer you my professional and life experience to enable you to get ahead with your concerns in an atmosphere of mutual respect and by my attitude of acceptance, respect and impartiality.





I usually work with you as a couple alone, but if you want it, also sessions with a female colleague are possible.

The first session lasts about 100 minutes (2 units). The follow-up sessions last an average of 1.5 to 3 units and will be charged according to actual duration. If you wish to limit the follow-up meetings to a maximum of 2 units, it is also possible. Timely open meetings have the advantage that we can discuss your subjects without time pressure.

The normal distances between the meetings is usually 2 to 4 weeks. Shorter and longer intervals may be useful. Occasionally, also additional individual meetings with each one of the partners may be helpful.



If it is better for your family situation, the couple counseling could take place in your own home.