Are you searching for occupational guidance, monitoring and reflection for yourself or your team?



  • promotes your role competence and role clarity
  • explores your resources and developes new perspectives
  • helps you stay healthy and emotionaly ballanced 
  • motivates and set you up for your profession
  • supports your teamwork
  • contributes to conflict resolutions and
  • improves your workflow.

In supervision we work process-oriented with specific situations from your daily work. The focus can be based on

  • the reflection of your own behavior and your own values in the professional role and function
  • your professional relationships with clients, customers and colleagues
  • understanding or modification of structures and processes in your organization
  • the development of courses of action and strategies.

I present to you a wide repertoire of methods which includes creative tools, in order to bring the things often easier and faster "to the point".


My offer is aimed at

  • Professionals who reflect on their professional actions
  • Leaders who improve their management and leadership skills
  • Organizations that maintain, develop and promote the quality of their services.

Depending on your goal and objectives, I work with you as an individual or as a team.

My offer:


Supervision for individuals or teams, regularly and reliably over a period of time with acceptance of scheduling constraints, but also individual appointments for specific, limited concerns.


Send me an E-mail or call me at: 030-30345452 (answering machine) or 0157-86 32 22 96